J-ProPak10 needles continue Seirin’s tradition of gentle, painless acupuncture with a user-friendly 10-Pack

  • The easy-to-open multipack allows easy access to 10 needles, with no need to take out individual needles, thus enabling faster treatment
  • The new package is half the size of the existing J-type, saving significant storage space while still providing the same robust protection as before
  • The blister pack also converts into a functional dispenser that can rest on a treatment tray or other surface
  • Each blister pack contains 10 plastic handle needles and one polypropylene guide tube
  • 100 needles per box
  • Made in Japan

Seirin Needle Line Up

Discount Pricing
Quantity Price
1 - 9 boxes$15.00/box
10+ boxes$14.50/box
20+ boxes$14.00/box
50+ boxes$13.00/box
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