J-Type (Plastic Handle with Guide Tube)

The J-Type acupuncture needle is renowned for its role in facilitating gentle, painless and stress-free treatments.

J15 (Short Needle with Guide Tube)

The latest in a long line of innovation from Seirin, the J15 painless acupuncture needle is designed specifically for cosmetic facial treatment. The 0.10 diameter J15 is the thinnest needle manufactured in the world.

D-Type (Plastic Handle without Guide Tube)

Seirin D-Type needles are the perfect choice for gentle, painless and stress-free acupuncture treatments where shallow needling is performed. Similar in style to the J-type, D-type needles are available only in a length of 15 mm and do not have guide tubes, making them ideal for freehand techniques.

Made from the highest quality stainless steel, it features a lightweight, comfort grip, 20 mm plastic handle color coded for easy gauge identification.

Seirin Needle Line Up

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