Infrared LASER stimulation of acupuncture points, including those on the face and sensitive areas, auricular points and trigger points

  • The 905nm infrared emission crosses the skin barrier to reach the deepest cells and penetrates in complete safety without being absorbed by water, haemoglobin and the melanin of the skin.
  • Adjustable 15 or 40 Watt power.
  • Short treatment time: Recommended 30 seconds for each point.
  • Includes PREMIO SUPPORT STAND, test laser box, and protective goggles.
  • Shipping charges applied
  • 4 Modes:
    • Tonification (100 – 10,000Hz): Controlled, rapid tonification of acupuncture points.
    • Dispersion (10,000 to 100Hz): In a few seconds, the Qi will be disperse and you will remove energy stasis.
    • Harmonisation: This treatment rebalances the point and the circulation in the meridian by alternating impulse rates.
    • Frequency Stimulation: Guarantees stimulation of pathological points in Auriculotherapy. It provides successive emission by scanning all of the Nogier frequencies (frequencies A to G).


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