By Giovanni Maciocia

ISBN: 0-443-07491-7

This is a lavishly illustrated text in the same fashion as the recent new edition of the author’s “Foundations”. Part 1 includes discussions of the concept of channels in Chinese Medicine, morphology and flow of qi of channels; the huang, the gao, the coul li and the triple burner cavities; functions of the chnnels in balancing and harmonizing body functions and the role of the channels in diagnosis. Part 2 describes the pathways of the twelve main channels, channel symptoms related to each of the twelve main channels, how to use each of the twelve main channels’ distal, local and adjacent acupuncture points, classical energetic actions of the five shu points, categories of points and combining acupuncture points for successful treatment. Part 3 describes the morphology and pathways of the connecting channels, the physiology, etiology, diagnosis and pathological indicators of the connecting channels and various treatment potentials using the connecting channels. Part 4 discusses the morpholgy and pathology of the muscle channels, the functions and etiology, the pathology and symptoms and the treatment of muscle channels including methods such as massage, gua sha, cupping and acupuncture. Part 5 discusses the morpholgy of the divergent channels and their function and clinical use. Part 6 details the morphology, diagnosis, pathology and treatment of the cutaneous regions. Part 7 introduces the eight extraordinary vessels and their clinical use, then devotes chapters to individual vessels describing the pathway, clinical indications, applications, herbal and acupuncture therapy and case studies. Finally, Part 8 covers the etiology, differentiation and treatment of bi syndromes. The appendices include two glossaries, a bibliography ad a reference listing of Chinese dynasties as well as further reading suggestions.

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