Cerbella can delay brain’s aging process, and improve brain function in every way.

  • Improve short-term and long-term memory
  • Guard against age-related cognitive decline
  • Better connectivity between neurons
  • Enhance focus, attention and alertness
  • 30 Sachets per box/1 Sachet per day

fMRI Results:

  • Better Activity: Better brain activity in specific areas of the brain associated with executive function
  • Better connectivity: Clearer patterns of synchronization across these areas of the brain when solving complex problems
  • Better Rest: Improved ability to let the brain disengage the neuronal networks and rest when not performing tasks

EasySnap Technology makes Cerbella more convenient to consume

Superior Absorption
Using the most advanced absorption technologies, Cerbella is able to reach areas of the brain 5-10 times more effectively than other supplements.

Clinically Proven
Clinical trial of Cerbella was conducted in Pennington Biomedical Research Centre, and recorded significant brain function improvement in test subjects.

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