By Thomas Myers

ISBN: 0-443-10283-X

The focus of this book is the fascia system that energizes, supports, and connects all our tissues and that translates muscle contraction into organized movement. “Anatomy Trains” are the myofascial meridians, linkages of fascia and bone that wind through the body, connecting head to toe and core to periphery, which orchestrate the organization of gravitiation and muscular forces necessary for stability and movement. Using a synthesis of art and scientific metaphor, the author discusses how to use this web mapping to assess specific lines of force and movement observable in any client. “Anatomy Trains” offers a visual and dimensional perspective encouraging the development of a common, objective terminology that can lead to specific treatment plans based on testable hypotheses. It is an original and useful contribution to expanding our understanding of the sophisticated mapping of the connective tissue web and its importance to our health, and a book that will be of great utility for students in a wide spectrum of health-related professions.

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