By Jeremy Ross

ISBN: 0-443-05006-6

In the foreword, Dr. Dan Bensky aptly describes this book as “an extensive, but personal integration of many strands of medicine” drawing upon the extensive study, practice and teaching of the author. Numerous and sundry constellations of points are discussed from many different angles so that practitioners of varying degrees of experience and understanding can utilize them effectively. The first section discusses theoretical principles applied in the clinical selection of point combinations. The second section is a channel by channel presentation of acupoints. Each of these chapters begins with a description of the pathways and connecting pathways, relationships of associated organs, and a description of the major functions accessed through the channel points. Visual aids are plentiful; e.g. tables of point combinations for TCM syndromes as differentiated by the most significant symptoms and signs, pulse, and tongue configurations. This information is followed by point-by-point descriptions that include general and specific functions. The final section is a clinical repertory for respiratory, circulatory, locomotor, digestive, urinary, male sexual, OB/GYN, eye, ear and facial, skin, and psychological patterns. In all cases there is a discussion of significant etiologies, pathological factors and related skin disorders. Charts and diagrams are frequently used. This is followed by instructions for point selection and extensive tables of potential selections. Where there is less information generally available, the discussions are more extensive. The text is supplemented by a list of pulse qualities and an index.

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